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We love bringing these retreats to our communities and offering a wide and varied range of experiences and activities to enhance health and the healing journeys of those who choose to participate.  It is such a priviledge to witness the changes that our guests undergo in such a short period of time and we hope that this can be just the beginning of a lifetime of transformations.

I really benefitted from the Iridology, never had it before and was a huge benefit. The Live Blood Analysys showed me I am on the right track with my diet. OMG the massage was the best I have ever had.  I loved the talks they were all very informative, the drumming and the food was fantastic.  I loved everything, thank you.


For me this retreat was perfect, being with You and Roisin once again is like nourishing my soul and I am truely blessed.  Also meeting so many   beautiful gifted people and having some alone time at Echo Creek to take in all that was happening.  Although I missed the Yoga in the mornings I  thoroughly enjoyed my quiet time which is rare these days, enough to soak in my surroundings and take in breathes of fresh air. So for me being in allowance of my own pace was the healing I needed. Sandy Morris

I arrived at the retreat really stressed and left a different person.  I was so happy to release me unwanted negativity and am ready to start acheiving great things. The connection with new people was great so was the group size. It was nice to feel so relaxed and inspired. It was also great to have beautiful food prepared for us. Michelle S

Wow, the Retreat for me was amazing. Ahuge healing shift for me.  My first iridology session gave me an awareness of what is going on, and I am feeling that.  I love Live Blood Analysys, awesome. Oh my goodness the Massage! I was in heaven and my body in gratitude. The aura soma and bush flower essence talks were great.  The food was Divine, I am still remembering. Kellie G.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the retreat. This is the best retreat that I have ever been to. The amount of different things on offer for the one price was great. I believe this was a fantastic deal and I would recommend your retreats to anyone.  Agatha Vecchio

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