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Margaret has practiced as a holistic counselling therapist on the Gold Coast and Far North Queensland for the past 20 years.  


She is also a practicing Metaphysician and continues to be a student of Mysticism and Behavioural Sciences.


As well as running her own private practice, Margaret's passion for holistic mental, emotional and physical wellness has lead her to co-facilitating Raw Food, Yoga, Shamanic and Spiritual Retreats, Workshops and Classes over that time.


"It is time to spread knowledge of the old ways, to help people reconnect to nature and to their own inner wisdom.  We have become so disconnected that the divide is evidenced in the global enviroment around us. Shamanism is ancient and it helps us to honour our ancestry, recall our innate nature and hear our inner voice. "




Róisín, is a full Mesa Carrying Shaman of 7 years, and has been practicing energy healing and massage for the past 15 years in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


Róisín hails from Ireland and  began her Shamanic Journey with the Wisdom Keepers School in New Zealand. Róisín  spent a year under the guidance of the Wisdom Keepers School and became versed in the ancient healing arts of the Q’ero of Peru. This ancient tradition of energy medicine was passed down by the Q'ero elders, descendants of the Laika in Peru, through the work of Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


A passionate Yogi, her love and devotion of Shamanism shines through, not only in her work but in every aspect of her life.


"Shamanism has changed my life and I am honoured to share this with others. It is an empowering way of being that will fill you with the courage and the wisdom on the Mountains. It will return you to a state of balance and harmony as your remember the amazing lightness of your being." 

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