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Shamanic ceremonies


The Inca Fire Ceremony can be used at anytime to honor the gifts we’ve been given and to release that which no longer serve us.


It is most commonly done at every full moon, and at the solstices to honor and thank the Great Spirit. 


We approach the fire with focused intention and an open heart for transformation. 



Fire Ceremony Protocol


Shamans throughout time have worked with fire ceremony. Create a fire offering or light arrow which is an offering from nature that represents what it is that needs to be 'attended to". This will represent  will what it is that you want to release for transformation, be it a dream and aspiration or something that no longer serves  you. 


Offer this to the fire with love and gratitude and silently thank the fire for taking this offering from you. Watch as your light arrow is consumed by the flames and as it travels to the heavens in the smoke.


This unbinds and releases the old story from your energy field in the same way the light is unbound from the object in the fire as it burns.


The Fire Ceremony Preparation and Protocol

  • Open sacred space, Light your fire.

  • Begin your chant

  • Chant the Inca Fire Chant continuously from the lighting of the fire to when the fire burns out. This deepens the relationship with the fire and helps us be in harmony and balance with the community.



      "Nitchie Tai Tai, En-yu-I, Ora Nika, Ora Nika

     Hey Hey , Hey Hey, oo Ai"


  • This is translated as

      "Oh great mother of the waters, we call on you,

waters of our birth, water of our sustenance,

water that cleanse us on our death, waters of life"

  • Offer olive oil (sweet oil) to the fire three times (in reciprocity)

  • When fire becomes “friendly” approach fire and offer your fire arrow. – a symbol from nature of what you want to release.

  • At the fire, bless yourself with the flames and draw the energy from the fire three times to yourself                           – belly / heart / 3rd eye.

  • Continue to chant while observing the “life” of your fire.

  • Just before closing, offer your Pachamama Stick to honor Mother Earth

  • Close your fire – cease chanting.



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